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Visionary Leadership

The SCP leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience. CEO, Jim Buchanan, is a true expert in the field of hot surface ignition. Dedicating over a decade of his life to perfecting igniter technology and processes, Jim leads his SCP team with dedication and determination.

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SCP Limited ignites innovation.

We start with locally sourced materials, build using a proprietary process, and the result is incomparable quality. We optimize the life of each component by controlling the electronical value, significantly reducing the excess wear. We source our materials and manufacture our products within the United States, bypassing unnecessary risks to inventory stability.

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Modern Technology

SCP products are the staple of modern technology, with advanced inventions shaping and defining the new norm.


Top Scientists & Engineers

SCP’s head material scientist has over 23 patents issued. The definition of an innovator, SCP is constantly moving the line forward and raising industry standards.


Stable Supply Chain

SCP has made it a mission to source material made in the US; with an ideal goal of a 200 mile radius around our factory in Auburn, Indiana.


100% Tested

SCP igniters are put through rigorous testing to ensure they are of the highest standard. This testing is confirmed and solidified by SCP’s CSA certification.


Sourced & Made in the USA

SCP igniters are made right here in Indiana. Our products not only support US jobs, but also are conveniently located in Indiana; with no risk of overseas delays or complications.


Dependable Solutions Assure Added Quality, Reliability and Performance.

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities and tight quality controls, in both hot surface igniter platforms over the past 8 years, mean added value and best-in-class silicon carbide performance. That translates to innovative, customizable solutions you can count on to work effectively every time in your furnaces, boilers, ovens, water heaters and dryers.

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SCP = Super Cool People.

SCP Limited stands separate from all other hot surface igniter manufacturers. The devotion to our customers and superior product makes SCP the igniter supplier the industry has dreamt of. Our dynamic energy results in an un-paralleled work ethic, cutting-edge ideas, and excited customers who are happy to do business. At SCP we believe our culture is embodied in our hard work and dedication. Our fun and lively atmosphere only works to further feed the ingenuity of all SCP team members.

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A Fresh Take on LP and Gas Ignition Components

When our competition took their marketshare for granted, we entered the marketplace with fiery determination. We listened to our customers and responded with greater flexibility, higher quality, and better energy efficiency. We tuned in to your needs and retooled to meet your demands.


SCP Limited offers cost effective and reliable ignition components for manufacturers of furnaces, gas ranges, and other appliances.

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