Top-Quality Solutions

SCP Delivers a Burning Dedication to Quality Solutions.

Being a vertically integrated manufacturer that brings OEM product designers, developers, and manufacturers like you reliable combustion ignition components is a heartfelt commitment to us. It means dedication to adding and delivering real value to every product we produce, creating the best in technology, conveying the tightest quality control at every step, and always staying true to a tradition of innovation that solves your most serious concerns and specialized igniter component needs.


Unsurpassed Quality, Reliability and Performance Mean Added Value

You deserve nothing less than the best from your supplier-partner. We deliver every time.

That’s because everything produced by SCP Limited is made in the heartland of the U.S.A. using shorter supply chains with improved flexibility and logistics to meet your factory and service needs.


Our “Value-Added Customer Commitment”

Our advanced manufacturing process provides the tightest range of controls. So you can expect top quality, reliable, high-performing ignition components that deliver:

  • Room temperature resistance values to 0.3 Amps within a 30 Ohm target (an order of magnitude lower than the rest)
  • Reduced time-to-temperature by approximately half (17 seconds vs. 35 seconds)
  • Improved production line productivity and through-put by 10 seconds
  • Severely mitigated igniter issues during low voltage and brown outs
  • Tighter process controls means higher quality and better performance in the field
  • Supply chain security by eliminating risk of sole sourced situations


Our Technology Focuses on Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities and Controls In Both Hot Surface Igniter Platforms

We offer you best-in-class silicon carbide and silicon nitride igniter performance, backed by filed patents on proprietary silicon carbide products. These igniter innovations solve some of the most serious issues facing you, so you can expect:

  • Dramatically reduced (or no) breakage in assembly and transport
  • Substantially less premature failure
  • Improved low voltage operation

Plus we offer custom features and options to meet your specialized needs, including applicable:

  • Lead wire type & rating
  • Shielding options
  • Connector configuration option
  • Voltage range
  • Insulator material, configuration and size

Examples of Our Industry-Centric Solutions to Meet Customers’ Hottest Needs


Application/Market Solutions Typical Function
Furnaces Burner igniter
Hydronic Boilers Burner igniter
Gas Ovens & Ranges Igniters for bake and broil burners
Gas Water Heaters Automatic pilot relight system or burner igniter
Gas Dryers Burner igniter

Top-Quality Solutions Provided By Our Industry-Leading Products Silicon Carbide Solutions

  • Higher quality through a proprietary patent-pending furnace process
  • Better product performance through proprietary automation processes and increased furnace yields
  • Strength enhancing technology to reduce breakage (#1 failure mode)
  • Flexible product design to meet the customers’ application requirements

Silicon Nitride Solutions

  • Improved reliability through proprietary processing and controls
  • Offering includes various hot zone sizes to support high air flow designs
  • Silicon Nitride addition to product portfolio allows for ‘one-stop shop’
  • Customer service focused