Rahul Maharsia

Chief Technology Officer

Rahul Maharsia is an executive with expertise in the areas of Innovation, R&D, Quality and Operations. He brings a wealth of experience in product development & commercialization, M&A, IP management, strategic road mapping, P&L oversight, quality & regulatory compliance. Rahul builds, coaches, and leads dynamic teams that achieve beyond their expectations & reach full potential. Over the past decade, Rahul has rolled out new products enabling aggregate revenues upwards of $300 MM.

Most recently, Rahul served as a Sr. Director for Innovation, Quality and Regulatory at Porex Corporation. At Porex, he led corporate innovation, implemented Innovation workflows, & built a sustainable pipeline & portfolio. Rahul led an incubator to shape new business models resulting in the launch of Porex’s first ever corporate startup in the medical device segment.

In his previous role as VP of Innovation & Quality at Trelleborg Offshore, Rahul developed game changing technologies. He revamped Trelleborg’s innovation program, diversified its portfolio, & built partnerships and new ventures. He led M&A activities and introduced new technologies to the buoyancy industry for the first time in over 4 decades. Previously Rahul also served as a VP of Operations at Trelleborg & led the turnaround of its $100 M Houston business via org restructuring, automation, and a cultural rejuvenation leading to a tripling of throughput and turnaround to profitability.

Rahul holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a PhD Degree in Engineering from Louisiana State University.